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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
Dan, as in glasses Dan? Shit buddy, whats up? Congrats on the swap, it looks amazing!
Yes madam, glasses Dan.
I have been here the whole time; even through your second coming. Changed my screen name a few times though. I've been lurking more lately rather than posting. Between traveling for work, and my day to day stuff, its hard to stay constantly engaged in the forum.

What have you been up too Kev?

Originally Posted by icu View Post
Great swap Dan , Gotta get a ride in her , Sound is pure sex , Congrats on an outstanding build , Never mind the nay sayers , Enjoy your new ride !
Graham the car has four seats, so I'm sure I can fit you in for a ride anytime you want. Those vids were a while back, sounds 1000% better, and pulls way harder, since the dyno tune a few weeks ago.

Not concerned with those who nay say. The overwhelming positive feedback I have been getting make it worthwhile to put up with a few people running their mouths.

I love my GMW
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