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My Update

• Oil Change - DONE
• Check tranny and diff fluids
• Brake fluid flush - Well its Drained...
• Coolant Flush
• Timing belt/Water pump
• Inspect Accessory belts (sqeeling when humid last year)
• Inspect/Replace Battery - It's in place.. but not hooked up
• Inspect suspension - Need front swaybar links
• Inspect Brake/Fuel lines - Yeah, fuel evaporator line is rusted to sh*t
• New tires for 16” wheels - Done, can't wait to try them out
To Fix:
• Master clutch cylinder (car can't move ) Being Replace, along with brake booster and brake master cylinder
• Steering rack leak (still fighting the battle)
• Gas tank swap
• Exhaust leak repair (with new muffler )Current trying to crack my nuts
• Windshield washer fluid pump - Oh yeah... forgot about this one
• Restore leather seats (400$ worth of leatherique products,.. this better work)
• Hood
• Body
To Upgrade:
• Finish stereo/sub install
• Install new exhaust system - Remus on order
• Install CAI - Done but not installed
• Stainless Steel brake lines

Added work
  • Clean and refinish pedal assembly
  • Fix rust hole behind brake booster near firewall
  • re-assemble ABS Unit and install new brake lines
  • Upgrade headlights to smileys - they make me happy
  • refinish bumper strips
  • wash and wax of course!

needless to say... I still got a lot of work to do

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