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My Update

Oil Change - DONE
Check tranny and diff fluids
Brake fluid flush - Well its Drained...
Coolant Flush
Timing belt/Water pump
Inspect Accessory belts (sqeeling when humid last year)
Inspect/Replace Battery - It's in place.. but not hooked up
Inspect suspension - Need front swaybar links
Inspect Brake/Fuel lines - Yeah, fuel evaporator line is rusted to sh*t
New tires for 16 wheels - Done, can't wait to try them out
To Fix:
Master clutch cylinder (car can't move ) Being Replace, along with brake booster and brake master cylinder
Steering rack leak (still fighting the battle)
Gas tank swap
Exhaust leak repair (with new muffler )Current trying to crack my nuts
Windshield washer fluid pump - Oh yeah... forgot about this one
Restore leather seats (400$ worth of leatherique products,.. this better work)
To Upgrade:
Finish stereo/sub install
Install new exhaust system - Remus on order
Install CAI - Done but not installed
Stainless Steel brake lines

Added work
  • Clean and refinish pedal assembly
  • Fix rust hole behind brake booster near firewall
  • re-assemble ABS Unit and install new brake lines
  • Upgrade headlights to smileys - they make me happy
  • refinish bumper strips
  • wash and wax of course!

needless to say... I still got a lot of work to do

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