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Sorry Kev I guess I was wrong, I definately feel you on your experience with bimmersport but for some odd reason I havent had any problems, I guess I'm lucky you can say, only complaint I have is time it took to do my swap which is because I had to keep ordering parts I wasn't told to at the beggining but again that was comming from the mech that did my install, which is understandable as to do the s54 you need a LOT of parts, specially lots of dealer only small things, but one thing you can't really blame them for is alignment as they outsource those and if buddy sucks I guess they should just get a new shop to outsource from, the question about time is at your current shops as well though, you have been waiting for a couple weeks to get your new motor/charger to be put in that you said they can do in 1 day which is believable but has it been done yet? Also a ex shop tech from your current shop confessed to his boss, the owner of your shop going on his max account and bashing bimmersport and my car, that's SAD IMO but whatever I guess let him be childish, like I said before get me another bimmer to run and will see how crappy my car runs
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