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It's really funny how you guys offset the problems onto totally unrelated things. Tom, the "fender bender" accident did NOT cause any damage to my oil cooler - it was driving over a light patch of snow which caused it. Snow was piled up in the middle from all the cars driving and I hit a patch of snow and the oil cooler came right off.

Lets put my problem aside - lets forget that you guys didn't put any diff oil before installing the diff. lets forget you left my swapped parts outside of the shop for me to pick up. lets forget you didnt even align my DSC and sent me on my way without traction control (and telling me i need a $1000 DSC unit to make it work while a DYNO guru with a GT1 simply aligned my ASC and made it fully functional for FREE). What I listed above are simple mistakes right when you are getting paid a lot of money - and go ahead and blame the mechanic who did it but at the end of the day, the SHOP is responsible for all work performed at their facility.

I am not the only one with problems with your shop, here is a short list of people who have complained and got nothing back in return:

Person #1:

"Brought my car there for a suspension install and a couple little odds and ends.

Suspension was royally messed:
-camber plates backwards
-rear ride height adjusters installed upside down
-didn't tighten front swaybar bushing bracket (bolts almost totally backed out
-coil over sleeve on front passenger strut spun loosely (trying to adjust height would just spin the whole sleeve),
-alignment way out of wack (was given a sheet with handwritten measurements, I didn't trust after seeing the other issues and took it to an alignment shop to be properly adjusted)
-replaced O2 sensor wasn't tightened down (it was loss and rattling)

Its a shame to see Bimmersport has such ongoing issues. My experience was enough to never return."

Person #2:

"There are all sorts of strange garages... I had a guy come over on Friday who has been taking his car to a well known BMW shop that advertises here. He has various problems since they did his s50B32 swap. Recently it has not been idling and running well. They told him it's the MarkD software. The car comes here, what do I see? a hole the size of a penny in the rubber boot between the MAF and intake manifold ... I don't know why that was not fixed before they look for all sorts of other explainations for his problem. "

Person #3:

"Haha... you should see the swapped car here.... same thing, S50B32... and it is the same disaster. I lost all respect for that shop. Turning a blind eye to the way things were installed or solutions taken for various parts, just the sheer amount of loose and missing bolts is appalling."

Person #4:

"the same shop you guys are talking about also forgot to put the gasket for the oil filter on my car when they did the oil change. oil was pouring out during hard acceleration. they told me either pay for the tow fee or drive it back to the shop like that. NOW WHEN I tried to sell the car everyone thinks my car has problems since there is oil EVERYWHERE in the bay and under the chassis they also messed up my sisters X5"

Person #5:

"Add me to the list. Thankfully I didn't get as royally screwed as some of you.

-Reverse lights not working after engine swap
-Lost fuse pick
-Lost wheel lock (had to hammer them off)
-Shoddy alignment
-Broken/missing header bolts
-Stripped engine cover
-Front bumper undertray screwed in
-Front control arm bushing pre-loaded"

So explain to me how "mistakes are made here and there". This definitely doesn't look like "here and there" to me. And I can put my house on it that there are a boat load of other people that got screwed but just chose not to be vocal as me. call it "childish" but when you spend this amount of money with a company and then have them leave your parts outside and tell you to **** off, then sure I will do the same.

This is not a shop war - it's simply a customer vs bimmersport war that will never be won until your sponsorship has been revoked becuase that's the only way we will feel some what happy about getting screwed.

Only if you made things right with your customers, then they would not bash you every chance they got instead of telling them to **** off and leaving their parts outside (very professional).

Ohh and most importantly - IBTL "Since we all know that is what will happen shortly. "

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