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E21's can be great driver's if you can find one that doesn't have rust issues.

You can still find parts but it may be a struggle at times.
If you find one in great shape, you're better off grabbing a parts car and stocking your garage shelves for future use. It will come in handy as you don't know what's available via BMW until you need something.
If it's anything like the E12, there will be a lot of NLA's when sourcing through BMW Canada/NA/AG.
Your alternative is being patient on forums searching for parts. At times, you can be very successful and find parts at a fraction of the cost compared to a dealership. eBay is the other alternative for NOS parts, especially from Europe.

There are several great examples that show up at Tedfest every year. There may be two special ones driving up from the US this year!

I love E21's and whether it's a complete original or tastefully modified to Euro trim with upgraded drive train and/or suspension, they'll always be a real eye catcher on the roads. You’ll always find people giving you the thumbs up.
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