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Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
Man that was a fun day.

The car is awesome - engine (Barrie did a kick-a$$ job with the tune), suspension, balance.... the biggest thing that would make me faster now is to get rid of my street tires and get some R-compound rubber on there!

Jamie your car was sweet too - HUGE progress in one day - congrats!
Thanks man! I'm just trying to keep up with that 325, er 330 of yours. Lot's of work ahead.

I'm glad to hear your ballance was much better. I should have your spacers back in Carp tonight so hopefully those don't throw things off again. I had some consistent mid-corner understeer, though I'm getting a pair of M3 upper strut mounts so hopefully I'll be able to get close to -4 degrees of front camber for more grip.
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