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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
When you are in the news business and when it is a slow day.. you make up some story...or rumour...

someone was probably bored a few days ago and dug out this old thread, now looks like it is going a bad way...

Customers will get upset, and start a war against a shop. That is OK with me.

Maybe, what should prevent this is what MY customers do. When a feedback thread for a shop happens in a negative way - don't whore all over the thread and 2 bit line about zip ties when you know NOTHING about the situation besides what you read.

It's not about being bored my friend, it's about being immature.

Let me ask everybody this. If it is SUCH a huge problem about the way the oil cooler was mounted, why did NONE of the people who criticized it come up with an idea to remedy the problem BEFORE this happened. Not just my tech saw it, another shop owner who is favored here specifically in this thread (discretely) did not do any "proper" mounting of it when the car has been there for numerous work, inspection 2, valve adjustments etc. The first shop he took it to on a dyno day did not offer a solution.

Maybe its not ANY of the shops faults, maybe its the customers fault for not going anywhere else to fix it if it was such a problem. Except 2 years later, when your negligence prevails and your oil cooler snaps it is time to take action, but never was it an idea to take PREVENTIVE measures.

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