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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post

Don't worry - there's going to be a lot of haters, but you cannot please everybody. Some people are just too persistent, Eurospec_92 used to be another board member who got banned for just having nothing to positively contribute to the board. Aaron, you should know (and so should your friend with this 'shop') that what goes around, comes around. You say just because they are not as "involved" (I am assuming you mean online) you are very misinformed, or I should say blind to the obvious.

Maybe the guy with the E36 M3 V8 should chime in on his headaches? I guess he has a completely different (and respectable) character than the others because I don't see the shop that actually COMPLETED a running vehicle (IN HOUSE, and not sent out) bash the one that never did.

Nero, you want the truth? Ever wonder why the "project_e36" username was soooo inclined on ripping on the work DANIMAL had done? I guess since he doesn't work there anymore he could let you all know.
The last sentence has nothing to do with anything remotely even close to do with kevin325's situation. Why mention two other parties which have nothing to do with work that was completed inside of your shop.

Its hard enough to try and make out what exactly what you're rambling on about, but some of us, and I'm sure many maxbimmer members in general would like to know what really happened, and you're definitely not helping your case by mentioning other shops etc...
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