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Lol How dumb does someone have to be to not notice that the new parts were not installed, that sounds like some bogus to me that other shops talk crap because there jealous, sorry but look at half the shops in the GTA there holes in the wall with crap tools, now look at bimmersports shop. Your a troll now get out of this thread if you have nothing good to say. In the 3-4 years bimmersport has serviced my car I have been more than happy everytime I pick it up so stop bsing...
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It is true otherwise why else post, i find that shops who arnt so caught up in the "bmw specialist" scene are normally the ones who put some pride in their work and it shows. Only so many people can go to one mechanic and mention that they had last serviced their vehicle at bimmersport, and have unchanged parts found and a about a 100 pack up zip ties under the hood. Who cares anyway....
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