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Help!!! Need Ont. insurance for LHD E36 Euro M3

Hi guys,
my M3 got dropped off Friday (a week early) and I couldn't drive it after my current company refused cover due to it being eurospec. I called several more companies/brokers and the VIN doesn't show up so they refused to cover it.

If anyone can provide me a referral to your broker/company would appreciate it. I've wanted a BMW for ever and it's been killing me the car is stuck in the driveway this weekend.

I have contacted, Primmum, CAA, Hagerty (car OK my daily drivers were too old for their liking), and I'm waiting to hear back from the Personal, State Farm, and Hockey Fan on this board. I did have one quote for $1200 (50% higher than a US M3 would have been) so I'm not totally stuck but my wife and I have motorcycles as well. I haven't tried Allstate and will try the other large companies.
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