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Yes, I got it directly from Burger Motorsport, but if you're in GTA we have a dealler that sell them out of Mississauga if you e-mail him you can schedule a local pick up there's the we site If you buy through the web site delivery in GTA is next day.
My advice to you is to get a can tool and a USB cable all at once to save the hassle. I found Can Tool rather useless aside from deleting codes which you will have running a tune, I don't mean CEL codes, but tuner detection, burnout etc. CT will come handy when taking to stealership for repairs or maintenance.
USB cable is a musg tho... After having fun on stock JB3 settings for about a week you"ll want more and I can promise you that Just any USB cable will not do it has to be a specific one from Burger Motorsport otherwise will not work. With it you can tweak boost settings a bit which will help you get rid of your tires quick
About the installation: pretty easy to install took me about 35-40 min first time I did it,bacause really not to clear in the instructions about the location of the last sensor, but if you use it their installation manual and look close on all the pictures you'll be ok.
Another word of advise, install your usb cable right away if you get it to save the hassle of taking the car apart again

Hope that helps
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