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Congrats to Martin, Scott, and Igor on winning the gift cards for Rebirth Motorsports, from the raffle at the first autocross!
In total they walked away with a combined total of $100 in gift cards, which is the amount we will be raffling off at each Autocross all season!!

It was defiantly a wet, windy and cold one!! * Tires played a huge role in this one! **

Big thanks to Daniel B. for bringing sandwiches for everyone for lunch!! *

Steve, maybe you could organize the pizza at the events, it's one less thing off John's plate at the events. *

Thank you to everyone who stayed to clean up, gather the course pylons, and load all the equipment into the trailer. *Its much appreciated by the volunteer's who organize the events that everyone pitches in, I know we all pay to do the event, but that just covers lot rental, insurance, and equipment cost, thank you again for those that stayed.*

We have a bit of a stretch till the next event, having sorted out my brake and suspension issues, hope to take care of the axles and driveshaft for Junes event, and praying it's not rainy and cold!!!!
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