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Hey all, thanks for the kudos. Yeah, dealing with the BBQ was a pita to be honest. Not to mention it belongs to Richie and he loaned it to us for last year, I'm giving it back to him as he's moving into his new house in a month, so he needs it back.

That said, I will provide pop and water for the remaining events, and we'll do pizza for June. I like that idea. We'll make it a on ongoing decision making process. For July we'll see how pizza worked and either do the same or try something else.

In regards to results, I'll PAX them on Thursday, and fire them off to either Jon Abela or DCramer which ever one of you is willing to do the back/front end. Let me know what you guys think. I'm not the most computer savy so you're help is awesome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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