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I've done it. IMO removing the tranny is easier than on an M5x motor. All the bolts are pretty accessible (under and above) and you don't have to have Gumby arms or miles of extensions to reach them. You absolutely have to remove the exhaust though - otherwise you'd have a hard/impossible time getting the driveshaft out of the way, nevermind the tranny. The front section will probably be a bitch due to rusted/corroded studs/nuts. I had to use a combination of air chisel and dremel to cut mine off, but it depends on what tools you have at your disposal.

Honestly, from what you wrote it seems like you haven't spent much time under a car. If this is the case you might wanna leave this one up to a shop. It's not the hardest job to do but it's not exactly a piece of cake either...
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