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WTB: Looking for an E36 w/ perfect electricals

Hello everyone,

I am not going to try to list a 30 second ad on this site hoping for some sap to email me only to flake out on them.

Firstly, I am looking to spend at most around ~3000. This can be negociated depending on your car but I have seen a fair share of BMWs. This price assumes I will have to spend 2 grand~ in fixing (parts & labour, but I will do alot of fixing myself) + another set of winter tires/rims.

Here's what I want:

Car should be newer than 1990.
Car that can be safety'd and e-tested for less than 1000 dollars in repairs.
Car with good electrical (AC blows cold, heating blows hot, radio / cd/ cassette work).
Low mileage - ~<220000km
Standard transmission.
Preferably no blown engine.
Frame not rotting away.

I do not think I am asking for anything unreasonable. If you are close to the price range / believe that I will be very interested in your car, talk to me. We can all be gentlemen and try to work things out. At worst, the deal falls through.

You may reach me through replying or emailing to If you need my phone number, you may PM me. I live both in Toronto and Waterloo and will travel up to 100~km to purchase a car. If the car must be purchased urgently, I will ask you to drive the car to one of my residences and I will drive you back to your house.

-Mark S.
I would prefer something stronger than the 318.

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