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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Oh woah, thanks for the tips guys!

I finally saved up some dough so probably in the next month I'll be picking up a base model Cannon or Nikon SLR. I just want some nice photos like yours Derek!

Quick question, how do you get the shot with rim's spining and same with the background but the car appears picture perfect. I remember you saying you have a car tripod setup that was big and hanged off the car itself.

Also, is just Photoshop CS3 good? I torrented a Photoshop CS3 online with all the basics. Just wondering how you can sharpen the look of the picture. I might have to take some photoshop lessons.
I would upgrade to CS4 at least .. its a little smarter and can work a little better when fixing photos. CS5 is amazing on the things you can do but you need to run 64bit OS and have a decent video card.
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