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Yea its a rig that attaches to the car via suction cups, you can google them for designs if you want to make your own.

Ya CS3 has the sharpen option as well under Filter -> Sharpen but careful not to do too much or it will look horrible lol

Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Oh woah, thanks for the tips guys!

I finally saved up some dough so probably in the next month I'll be picking up a base model Cannon or Nikon SLR. I just want some nice photos like yours Derek!

Quick question, how do you get the shot with rim's spining and same with the background but the car appears picture perfect. I remember you saying you have a car tripod setup that was big and hanged off the car itself.

Also, is just Photoshop CS3 good? I torrented a Photoshop CS3 online with all the basics. Just wondering how you can sharpen the look of the picture. I might have to take some photoshop lessons.
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