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1. DONE. New intake gaskets, cleaned injectors (got rid of loud ticking noise, now I just have the regular valve train noise of the M20), PCV tube o-rings, small heater hose from throttle body to block (I had changed all others previously).
2. DONE. Install reman'd injectors since originals are leaking (gas smell in oil and hard start when warm).
3. DONE. New Bosch WR8LC+ spark plugs
4. DONE. Change the gas contaminated oil and filter
5. To do. Get clean doors and new fenders and get a paint job
6. To do. Weld seam in exhaust just before cat. Ghetto rigged with flexible tailpipe repair kit and 2 clamps from Partsource for now.
7. To do. New cat back or just new muffler.
8. To do. Rustproof the undercarriage if I don't pick up another DD before winter.
9. HALF DONE. Replace emergency brake cables, pads, spring kit.
Oh man, bad idea on the emergency brake cables. My shoes were shot and the exterior rubber sheathing of the cables were cut so I figured I would replace those as well even though the cables were still functional. Well, 2.5 hours of cutting the tube, where the cable had fused to it, with a hacksaw blade (because nothing else would fit up there) was not fun. I got it done though. The tube is about .75" shorter but the new cable slid right it. I left the sleeve sticking out a little bit from the tube since I was afraid of the cable not having enough slack. I used good ole' seam sealer to fill in the space and fuse it together. I don't think these cables will need to be changed again in the car's lifetime since the originals lasted 300K+. I only got one side done and I will have to save the other side for another weekend.
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