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Newbie - advice on new wheels - thanks for reading

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Bought a used 330CI in Jan. Put in PSS10's on their max drop (wasn't as low as I thought, but a good ride).

I'm buying new wheels. Please offer any advice/feedback.

I'm 80% leaning towards Vertini Magic Concaves. I think these wheels look fantastic. I have a line on this package:

19x8.5 ET35
Yokohama S.Drive 215/35-19

19x9.5 ET35
Yokohama S.Drive 245/30-19

A cheaper way to go would be VMR V710's. They look pretty sweet, and I could go 18" or 19". I just feel a little that they show off so much disc/rotors - and mine aren't too snazzy. I'd need to dress them up and drop more $$.

I am getting my fenders rolled from StanceFactory on Tuesday (I am currenty rubbing with my 17" rims and rear 255/40's...)

Thanks for any advice/opinions!!

Pick-Fail on my ride:

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