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If you're first starting off with a job, I'd buy something else.

For the first year or so... you want to keep your options open...
be able to quit your job if you hate it, and not worry about car payments etc.

I'd spend 5K or less and get a reliable Honda/Toyota/Mazda.... stay away from German cars.

tried my hand at a 911 C4S, bit me in the ass. $3000 for a clutch job (need to replace the fly wheel as well).... $1900 for cats... .$1800 for rear main seals.... ehhhh.... and then.. there is the famous auto destruction of the motor because of a faulty bearing design in the engine..... all from a car from Paff Porsche.

That was just too much for me... I wouldn't go past an M3 personally in a German car....

E46's a pretty good. 2004 and 2005 are good years. The Motors in general are very solid

- They have weak control arms.. weak front ends in general
- Alternator problems
- Window Regulator problems
- Vanos heads fail (This is why VTEC is much better..... it doesn't fail.. and it doesn't loose performance over time)
- Rust (yes... these cars rust.... Check front of hood under the grills, door seams, rear fenders)
- They have crappy valve cover seals.. and they go early
- Door Lock control modules fail.... major safety issue...
- Steering racks can leak
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