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I think you need to stop watching youtube videos and go to a performance driving school to learn about vehicle dynamics. Friction, grip, handling, etc. Acceleration is one thing, on slick surfaces. But on dry surfaces, like for like an awd will get smoked by it's rwd counterpart. Look at the 911 turbo and the 911 GT2 for example. Or BMW 328 awd to rwd. The video you posted shows an RS6 with 80 more hp and over 100 ft/lbs of torque advantage over the M5, very similar weight, yet only beat it by a couple of car lengths. Thank-you very much for that useless video.

Now though take those same two cars around a turn, or braking??? Exactly. You have to stop getting swayed by all of the mktg types that are telling you awd is better for you etc. 1 advantage and ONLY advantage is slick accelerating. That's it. Everything else is better as awd. Why do you think all of the best super performance cars are rwd??? And you mention the Veyron, don't make me laugh, that car is notoriously known for ill handling and braking. It is a one trick pony and that's top speed. Even acceleration it gets smoked by most super cars to 150mph, only after that does it start to show its 1000 hp. But around a road course it got beat by Mclaren F1, Enzo, 911 GT2, Corvette ZR1 etc.

If you're willing to learn, I could show, and teach you. No sarcasm here. I'm serious. But you have to be willing to learn.

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