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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking for a '04-'05 E46 Sedan or Coupe. I have never bought a used car in Ontario and don't know what to expect. My budget is around 10-12K before taxes... I've been looking on Autotrader/Kijiji/Craigslist.. and the only good deals I can find seem to be at dealerships example: Downsview Place Autogroup. I seem to think that buying from a dealership is good because the vehicle comes "certified" by the shop which gives me a 36 day period in which to bring the car back after.. I dont know whether or not to get the vehicle to ANOTHER Pre Purchase inspection at a Midas or something (I don't know any good mechanics).

Don't know what to do here.. and I feel like I'm not in control or confident of any purchase?

ALSO I need the car to be under my parents name and I need to be the secondary driver on it (for obvs insurance sake).. How does that work.. Can I buy the car with my own chq book and put it under my folks name??

GEEEZ this is brutal.. I know... so much thanks.. hope to be a forum member frustrated by noobs, one day too...
I wouldn't trust a used car certificate from a third party dealership.
After the purchase, I always take it to a shop I trust and have a safety done again. if anything is missed, the original company that did the safety is responsible.

It's not warranty.... just indicates the car is safe at that time.... but should be done correctly.

ahhh Insurance fraud..... although I hate the cost of insurance, if you're primary, you're primary.

Insurance will pay if you have a 5-6 thousand dollar claim.
If you are in a real mess... the other guy is injured or something.. and you've got legal action against you for $100K, you can bet your insurance company will look for any way to avoid paying you.

Better have all transactions done by your parents, if it's "their" car.....
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