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Used Car Certification at St/Dealership?!

Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking for a '04-'05 E46 Sedan or Coupe. I have never bought a used car in Ontario and don't know what to expect. My budget is around 10-12K before taxes... I've been looking on Autotrader/Kijiji/Craigslist.. and the only good deals I can find seem to be at dealerships example: Downsview Place Autogroup. I seem to think that buying from a dealership is good because the vehicle comes "certified" by the shop which gives me a 36 day period in which to bring the car back after.. I dont know whether or not to get the vehicle to ANOTHER Pre Purchase inspection at a Midas or something (I don't know any good mechanics).

Don't know what to do here.. and I feel like I'm not in control or confident of any purchase?

ALSO I need the car to be under my parents name and I need to be the secondary driver on it (for obvs insurance sake).. How does that work.. Can I buy the car with my own chq book and put it under my folks name??

GEEEZ this is brutal.. I know... so much thanks.. hope to be a forum member frustrated by noobs, one day too...
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