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Originally Posted by nate9 View Post
By the way, mine is a 1989 e30 is there any thing different than let say Matt's 1987

YES! the fuel system itself!

hehe, in I think 08/87 they changed the fuel tank so the main pump is inside the gas tank, on the older E30's they're on the outside,... I don't think its anything major, but when you remove your back seat, you'll notice 2 hatches, we only have 1, you want to take a look at the passenger side one mostly, thats where the transfer pump and fuel gauge sending unit is... the pkumbing might be slightly different, but I think as far as the evaporator system goes, its all the same...

I think... correct me if I'm wrong guys

And yeah, we are all awesome here... reason is... we're all in the same boat, keeping these classics alive,... its all for the greater good, so knowledge sharing is encouraged
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