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Put my DD up for sale and it sold right away so I had no choice but to fix the hole in the right rear wheel well where I tore out the rusted cover and pipe for the fuel tank evap hoses. Had new hoses all winter but was waiting for the warmer weather. Fixed that up with some seam sealer and a new cover for the hoses going to the tank from the filler neck ($$$ ouch!) and coned it all up so no moisture will get in again. I can fill up my gas tank now without any spilling over or smelling like gas for a few days after filling.

Here is what else I've done or have parts coming to do:

1. Done. New intake gaskets, cleaned injectors (got rid of loud ticking noise, now I just have the regular valve train noise of the M20), PCV tube o-rings, small heater hose from throttle body to block (I had changed all others previously).
2. To do. Install reman'd injectors since originals are leaking (gas smell in oil and hard start when warm).
3. To do. New Bosch WR8LC+ spark plugs
4. To do. Change the gas contaminated oil and filter
5. To do. Get clean doors and new fenders and get a paint job
6. To do. Weld seam in exhaust just before cat. Ghetto rigged with flexible tailpipe repair kit and 2 clamps from Partsource for now.
7. To do. New cat back or just new muffler.
8. To do. Rustproof the undercarriage if I don't pick up another DD before winter.

-1. Cancelled my order for the H&R Sport / Bilstein Sport package I ordered from TMS on sale. Great deal but just not sure that I want to modify the stock ride height just yet. Also wanted to use the $600 towards body and paint.

Unrelated to maintenance, I picked up a new Pioneer HU and a used amp, sub and box and I must say it's the best thing I've done so far next to the new rims and tires. Maybe the paint job will top it.

That's about it for this year. I love driving this car and it's hard not to go out cruising every night right now because of the high gas prices.
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