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Originally Posted by maranellobmw View Post
Im getting asked this question a lot so I will clarify this now.

Q. Will this exhaust system VOID your vehicles warranty ?

A. This exhaust system will not void your warranty. This BMW performance exhaust is made by BMW for your BMW. The only way your exhuast system may affect your warranty is if you decide to get it installed at an outside shop and they install it incorrectly. (I had one customer that installed the exhaust from the last group buy at a private shop, and the place they decided to get it installed, cut the pipe too much. they were pretty upset they had an exhaust leak coming from a new car and a new exhaust. The cut that was made was almost 2 inches too much!!! I cannot warranty the install unless it is done here!!!)

I hope this clears up some confusion!!
will you guys be cutting the pipe as well to fit it on our car if we install at the dealer or is there no cutting nessessary.... ?
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