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Originally Posted by dcramer View Post
I'm actually considering a vw diesel as a second car, are they really that much maintenance ? Anyone have pointer to the mailing list ?
The diesel ones are no better. I've known a half dozen people with the early 2000 cars, they were all crapcans. The mexico made cars seem to be especially bad but it's not as clear cut as people seem to want to make it sound (ie if car made in mexico it's crap, fine otherwise). One guy had his during the warranty period still, and it ate a maf every 3-6 months. He just kept having it towed to the nearest dealer where they'd swap in a new one. He got to the point of wanting them to buy the car back but they wouldn't.

The 1.8t motors are just a disaster. I don't know if my friends with these cars got lemons but it's ridiculous. It's like they get a new problem every month, like the car gets its period. If it's not a vacuum leak, it's this sensor or that sensor, or the TB needing alignment or replacement... I wouldn't piss on one to put out a fire. One guy is a coworker and I pass him on the highway once every few months since his car goes into limp mode from a new issue and has a hard time doing highway speed, so he pulls over to try to bandaid it.
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