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Originally Posted by Adrian_Lindn View Post
the car is not dropped and there is no rubbing...riddle me looking to lower and the camber should widen out as the car lowers....I need someone with some intelligence in this to answer this question... The car is on the 265's now stick springs and no rubbing
I've gone through more wheel and tire combo's on the E46 than you have fingers on your hands. I know a thing or two

What is the width and offset of your rears? Have you ever had rear passengers with the current setup - does it rub? Ever driven it hard enough through corners to induce enough body roll to make it rub?

You're going to drop it on springs only, meaning the OEM shocks will not be rebounding enough during compression. I'll bet $50 it will rub after being dropped. There won't be enough resistance during shock travel to keep up with the lowered height. Moreover, the OEM springs are generally not valved to handle lowering and result in a state of mild constant compression; which is why the shocks will bottom out time and again as the suspension tries to even itself out over changing road surfaces.

Do it once, do it right: get a nice set of coilovers and roll the hell out of those fenders. Ask Jay @ Stance Factory - he can help you on both.
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