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Originally Posted by Quack View Post
nice ride Bry

Thanks, you got yourself a benz now too? Do you know anyone from puremb?

Originally Posted by jon.e View Post
how did you like your saab? Post some pics of that. sounds interesting.. go saab!
Loved it, tracked it at Shannonville a couple of times too. Unfortunately I got t-boned when someone ran a red light and the car was written off. The car was totalled 1 week after I put on new pads/rotors and full suspension/sways. Car was a blast to drive, not much understeer and cornered very flat. 250HP stock, with the BSR remap I had it would put it up around 280hp crank. I've always loved SAAB's, so I knew I had to get one. I'm thinking about getting a Viggen some time in the future. I almost got a Viggen convertable but the deal fell through. I will post pics when I get home. The 2.8L Holden V6 motor was a gem, just way too big/heavy for the 93's body. There was a common problem of coil packs overheating with anything more than stock boost. I will post some pics when I get home. I'm at work now.

Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
Looks legit. Too bad about the Auto.
The AMG speedshift is pretty good. Shifts fast and lets you have full control of the auto. With the ECU/TCU remap I can bounce off the rev limiter in any gear. It even throttle blips when it downshifts. The tranny takes 500WHP + no problem from what i've read, so the fact that it's auto doesn't really bother me.
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