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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
wow, sounds like someone got out of highschool and right into law enforcement. You know what they say,
You can take the cop out of highschool, but you can't take the highschool out of the cop!

Why don't you gtfo pig. From the sounds of it, I'm still willing to bet you're posing. A REAL cop who has a solid thought process which involves reason and logic wouldn't be hiding behind their badge and using it to try and intimidate. You honestly sound like a woman/bitch/insecure the way you're talking, keep going and when shit hits the fan you look back and say.....damn, I should have thought about what I did/said before I did it. But no, It seems that you pigs these days need to start something and finish it just to save face.
It'll look real good to your superiors if you shut the f uck up now.
It would real good if you mind your fuc king business you goof.
Who the Fu ck are you anyways?
Go Fu ck yourself, why don't you do something about it?
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