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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post

I cannot beleive your posting that you are an officer, with your badge and division number. I think this should be reported to your supervision, your coments are not becoming of an officer, racist aswell.

Your a discrace to anyone who has ever carried a badge, you wonder why people who work in this feild have a negative public image, well you just made poster boy.
Well, I have yet to get a call from any of the goofs that were being TOUGH GUYS last. From vsanj "fake address" to Tom disappearing, seems at though they just talk too much, and like to start shit!

And for the MORONS that keep saying I'm racist, i know brown people talk shit, because I'm BROWN you stupid fu*ks!!!! that how RACIST you people are ASSUMING COPS ARE ONLY WHITE!
I love my negative image. That why you talk smack until someone like breaks into your house, and you curl up by the phone and call a "loser" like me. Don't ever forget that tough guy.

And this all started from two goofs defending a girl they have never met. How stupid some of you people are.
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