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New Wheels + Tires = Vibration

Hey guys,

I picked up 18" RS-GT replicas for my e36 M3. I've got Hankook V12's 225/40/18 all around.

The small wheels are much different than the stock set up. It feels less stable but it makes turning more agile as a DD. Something I'm willing to live with.

However, on my drive home, there is significant vibrating at the steering wheel and seat at ~100km/h. It didn't feel right, and it was much more uncomfortable then you'd expect just from upgrading to 18" wheels. The car also pulls a bit to the left now.

After a bit of research, they probably either didn't balance the wheels properly or the rims are bent (doubtful).

Called the guys up, and they said it's probably unbalanced - I'm going back there this week, but are there any other issues I should keep in mind?

When I'm cornering at that speed on the highway, the vibrations go away. This should be a clue to something specific.

Thanks for the help.
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