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LOL how about instead of calling his GF a "hoe" which is hardcore disrespectful you just bring a better looking girl to the cruise? Also like he said call his GF a hoe in person instead of being a keyboard warrior over the internet...Then will see what happens LOL... Also I do not know the OP or am I sticking up for him but thats cowardly to call somebodys gf a hoe over the internet... makes you look like a TOOL.
Originally Posted by PENGU View Post
Honestly, Im just playing around, but this kid gets all wound up. He posts almost nude photos instead of a pic of his spotted car.

Its just my opinion that a girl that poses like that on the internet is a H*e.

Everyone can have an opinion!

Has anyone checked out the link he posted? LOL LOL LOL LMFAO

Models? H*es maybe!

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