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Originally Posted by picus View Post
I know it's tough - but do you have any pictures of the damage? Acid rain damage is very uncommon in Toronto. I see it a lot on cars out of southern US states, but almost never on Canadian cars.

If it is acid rain etching the determining factor will be how deep they've etched. i really would love to see a pic if you have it, it's very possible you're dealing with something else.
Up ti'll recently Shell fuel contained the highest sulfuric acid content. they changed their formula. Back in the 90's bmw 530 v8's were having problems because the cylinder walls were deteriorating due to the different sulfur content between here and Germany. At first they thought it was a design flaw but later test showed that it was our fuel and the metals used were incompatible for that particular engine.

where you have Sulfur, you have acid rain; the smog factor also contributes to this. Since we generally have low smog in comparison to US. it is less common but still evident. I have run into enough cases in my 20 years dealing with cars here.

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