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Originally Posted by nonlocal View Post
Sigh. My mortal fear of being considered a troll notwithstanding, a google search for 'autocross "adjustable steering ratio"' returns exactly 2 results, both talking about Audi's fancy ADS automagic transmission options on the 2011 S4.

Moving to something I do have the slightest clue about, I can assure you that adjustable steering ratios are certainly not the NORM at autocross events in the GTA-- though admittedly we don't get too many group 4 rally cars out. If folks are running such things in more serious Solo II events, I was unable to find any information about them in a brief search, and this after all being a forum for discussion, I figured just asking might be an appropriate next step.

Though I can see already you are the sort of fellow who sees admitting ignorance as a form of weakness, and assuming it wouldn't sully the normally stellar level of discourse here to move past monolithic statements of opinion, now would be a perfect time to illuminate me.
I like this a lot more then your nazi trolling statment with a cheers video. At least now your actually in a discussion about it with me.

I may not have explained myself in terms of hand movement properly but basically the video that BigD post .. if you watch his hands in 57sec to 58sec that is what I meant by properly crossing your hands to have proper grip and even speed by the looks of it .. you would never do what that old video showed you.
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