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The engine work begins!
Shawn and i pulled the head off the m50 today to see if we could determine the reason for low compression.

Pulled the Valve cover off, and to our surprise, the head was extremely clean!

Removed the head, cams, and cam trays.

Since the headgasket looked good, we tried a leakdown test to see if the valves weren't seating properly. to test this we pour gasoline over the valves to see if it leaks through.

Turns out the valves on cylinder 5 (the one with low compression) were not seating properly at all as the gas almost instently drained through as we poured it onto them. As it turns out, only cylinder 3 was not leaking through.

This is good news as its an easy fix. just need to lap the valves, throw a new headgasket, head bolts, and valve cover on and she should be good to go!

A couple shots of the block:

(sorry for crappy cell pics. i really need to get a camera)
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