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I'm looking to get into a used E90/92 in the very near future.

Based on all the excellent reviews I've seen on this forum, and others, I will definitely be taking it to RMP for a Pre-Purchase Inspection before I sign on the dotted line. I'm assuming RMP does these?

Based on the quality of work, and attention to detail, that there seems to be at RMP based on reviews, I think they are probably trustworthy to find any mechanical issues and signs of accident damage/repair, repainted/replaced panels, etc.? At least, that is my hope. That is always the big fear when buying used, especially with performance/luxury vehicles.

What does a PPI cost at RMP, and does it cover everything I mentioned? (Full inspection as to any mechanical issues, if anything needs to be replaced/repaired, full inspection for accident damage/repair, repaint, etc.) Also, I believe it is advisable to do a pressure test, check the cooling system, etc.?

Would love some feedback.
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