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Angry Connectors for fitting aftermarket HID headlights 323ci

Hi guys. I am new here and just bought a 323ci 2000 a month ago. I went to the BMW junkyard guy in Milton. And dumbly bought a set of aftermarket HID lights from a junked 323ci car without checking the old wiring.

I know it looks tacky, I regret now. But i am broke and its either this or stock for now.

So after a week, I decide to remove my old light. Then I find the wiring for the aftermarket one badly removed from the old car and all screwed up. The right one has these three plugs

The left one has nothing, has a whole load of wires cut off:

Anyone has a similar light and ballast? What kind of connectors do I need to hook this up to stock 323ci?
Thanks and also if you recommend me to trash this and buy a better one thats easy to hook up, please tell me also. I might just do that.
I am pretty pissed at the poor removal job done on this set of lights. Not to mention I paid more than the new price on that site for this.

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