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Its been almost 3 years, and theres been some bad blood. I thought this was forgotten, but recent talk shows that it is necessary to straighten things out. As i said in another one of my threads, in retrospect it was never worth making this thread, I now realize and fully agree that with the basic nature of used parts, you can never know for sure everything is fine until you inspect and test them.

I now hold no qualms against Fil and know he now has a nice place in milton with a very nice selection of vehicles and parts. I have no problem and would like to send people his way. Even though im usually not in need of parts anymore because of no more e30 I would even like to keep doors open for me to be welcome back to purchase parts if the need ever arises; I have a feeling however that Fil will still have some reservations about that, which I understand and respect.

Just wanted to get this cleared up. Maybe we can even get this old stuff deleted by a mod or something.
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