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Originally Posted by Vrbovsky View Post
The Fact that George and Fill have taken issue with this seller "noid" is cause for serious worry.

The fact that they and others "chirp" is because when one's business is partly dependent on the viability of online selling/buying, it may very well damage their bottom lines when a suspect seller ruins the trust of those otherwise willing to buy online.

That said I have no experience with the seller, and therefore cannot pass judgment on him directly, but word of mouth is powerful. If Fill, George and other trusted members of this board take issue with him (or any other seller) than I plan to stay far far away..... chirpy-chirp.
I have explained this issue many times before as clear as I could but ill do it again, I kind of feel bad bringing Fil into this specific conversation since he hasn't posted in this thread but:

Fil and George have never attempted to purchase or have purchased anything from me; never. I tried to purchase an ECU for my e30 3 years ago from Fil, basically i was told it was 100% working, drove out quite a bit, it worked like crap when i tested it out thus I didnt pay for it but he still stood behind his product thats when i made a thread discussing it; in retrospect it was never worth mentioning because I never ended up paying for it and I now realize that, but i thought that was long and forget after 3 years; live and learn. Ever since then because of some partial bad rep I gave him, he hounded my threads claiming this and that about what I had forsale; I try to respond to each clearly and honestly, and I think I have done that; even if hes not a potential buyer. Then his buddies im not sure if its his highschool friends or what, have joined in, who also have never met me, tried to buy anything, or have bought anything from me. Anyone on here who has bought anything from me has nothing but amazing things to say; and that says alot when you consider members here have bought over $20,000 worth of goods from me, ask anyone of them.

Respectfully I have re framed from hounding anyones threads and making unnecessary comments. Lead by example if you will. I defend any claims against me in my threads and thats it.

This whole bad blood business is really not worth the hassle it brings, I dont want any bad relations with anyone if I can help it. Fil has re framed from posting in this thread; which I appreciate, and I hope his friends do the same in the future.

I deal with quite a few BMW enthusiasts, and now understand that you can never guarantee used parts, and must test them yourself, and the sellers observations could unintentionally be right or wrong. For parts I dont have (i dont really deal in the same stuff as Fil) I now hold no qualms against him and do not mind sending those people his way; I know he now has a nice place in Milton with quite the selection.

This can and should be done and over with right here and now. I have never done any of them any wrong, and agree three years ago I made a mistake giving him bad rep about something he mostly didnt deserve (because of the nature of used parts). Lets all just enjoy our passion for BMW's collectively.

If anyone still has any hard feelings in any way shape or form towards me, I invite them to PM me, Call me (2898881707) or if they so choose meet me in person to discuss it and sort it out.
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