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You call my bluff, i prove you wrong and you now look like a fool; fantastic. Can not believe you would waste your time with this. No benefit for you; the benifit for me is that now people can further see im an honest business man; just look at the last two engines combo's i have sold and delivered to members on here.

Let me quote:
"My new engine has arrived, I'm very happy and can't wait to install it in my e30. Dealing with Noid was a pleasure a real class act. I have to admit spending $6000 on an engine I have never seen running and plus buying it from a stranger on a forum was a bit of a risk but it all worked out. I received everything that was advertised and it was packaged and presented in a manner that gives me confidence that I made the right decision.

Thanks guys and good luck with all your projects.



"Just received my s50b32 from noid, this guy has been nothing but helpful and informative throughout the whole shipping process. Everything is included right down to the very last nut and bolt so there's no need to chase around for parts. Can't believe no one has bought this yet, bump and gl with sale!"

Remember those alpina i had forsale? Well:
"good seller, wheels went all the way to Australia w/o problem, good communication"
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