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So with everything back together it was time for the moment of truth. I wasn't too worried about it starting because this is a really easy swap in terms of wiring - it's pretty much PnP. I used the auto harness from the touring though and it turns out that the car was produced in the last month before they changed to a different knock sensor, so I had to buy 4 new ones Probably not a bad thing in the end though because the old ones on the B30 were all crusty and cracked anyway.

To get the car to start I had to remove the starter relay and jumper two of the terminals

there's actually a factory dummy relay for this that I'll end up getting once I track down the part #. Must have been from older manual models because I can't seem to find it on the donor, which is a '95.

I wish I'd taken a video of the start-up. I filled it with fluids, removed the fuel pump relay, cranked it a bit and then went for it. Fired right up! Was a bit rough/loud at first but that was to be expected from a motor that sat for over two years. After a bit it settled right down, idle steady @~700rpms and temp gauge rock solid @halfway! I was pumped, and after getting used to the sound of my 328is, I kinda forgot how nasty it sounds with that B&B exhaust. It's a beast!

So this is where it's at as of now. Things to do still:

-bleed brakes/clutch
-wire up reverse lights
-get new slip ring (messed mine up doing a steering wheel swap - more on that later)
-test drive!

I'm not planning on putting it on the road until probably the end of May, which will give me time to sort out small issues and deal with the interior. I'm swapping the sport seats and door panels from the donor, and the headliner needs to be re-done badly. I also have M-tech mirrors and sideskirts that I'll get around to swapping. More pics to come.

I also haven't mentioned suspension/wheels, so here's a hint/teaser:

More updates to come as they happen!
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