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Next thing I did was the pedal swap. It was kind of a PITA because the entire steering column ended up having to come out in order the swap the bracket. Compounding this was the fact that I thought I could get away with just swapping the pedals, not noticing that the brackets aren't the same - there's a little tang on the manual one where the spring on the clutch pedal seats.

Got a little surprise when I removed the knee bolster

gross. I didn't get pics of the install but it's done lol.

Before I got the touring I had pulled the motor from the donor to clean up and reseal it (minus head gaskets). I also added new 4 pintle 19lb. Mustang injectors

I also bought a JB racing aluminum flywheel and new clutch kit (don't seem to have any pics of the flywheel itself but here it is intstalled).

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