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Audio Equipment for yoru car for the spring

I'm back again. Still needing to move stuff. I have a pile of amps and subs that need homes, and some higher end components ($250+). This stuff is still taking up space in my garage. Now that the E30 M3 is gone, things space wise are better but this stuff needs a home. Even make me reasonable offers for multiple items.

Amps that are matching pairs new in the boxes.
Arc Audio FD 4100 (4x50) $260
Arc Audio FD 600.1 (1x600) $290

DLS CA41 (4x50) - $240
DLS CA 31 (2x50 and 1 x170) - $240
DLS CAD 11 (1x1050) - $360

TREO Mini Block subwoofer amps - $195 (1x350 watts at 1 ohm mono)
TREO SSX 80.4 (80x4) - $420

TREO subs :

TSX 10" - $140 ea
TE 10" - $150 ea
Tsi 15" - $100
CSX 15.22 - $590 ea

Other stuff too............ just ask. I don't get on here much as the bimmers are now gone. So best to email me.

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