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NOS German brand car stereo

So about a 2 months ago I picked this NOS deck at a local thrift shop. I was super stoked to get it for fairly small sum. Anyhow, I've been sitting on it for a while now contemplating to keep it or sell it. My initial thoughts were to keep it, but i think it may be little too new school for a first gen BMW 3 series. I'm happy w/ my current deck I installed last summer, (more period correct: see pic) and it'll probably look better in a mid to late '80's BMW, VW or Porsche.

Anyways, I'm goin to put this up for sale, but I don't know much about the brand and how much to value it. The brand and model of the unit is a Gelhard GXR230. Can't find much about the brand but the deck looks to be somewhat high end (i think) for the day. The only really info I can find is this literature from this link.
Gelhard Auto-HiFi '85

The product lineup looks impressive and made of quality stuff, especially for the day. Looking through the literature it seems that the deck I have was the third highest model back in '85.

If anyone can enlighten me w/ some info, or point me into the right direction, it would be appreciated. BTW, I brought this down w/ me while I was in DC/MD about a month ago w/ the intention of selling it while I was down in the States. Never got around to posting it, but I left the deck at my cousins in DC so shipping would be cheaper, assuming that I'd be selling it to somebody in the lower 48. But if anyone here north of the boarder is interested I can have it shipped back up here. Let me know thanks!

Thanks guys!!!


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