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The fee for 2010 had gone up to $20 as we were including a bbq lunch. But the fee went up to $40 this year as yes the Powerade Centre is Charging a HUGE sum to use their facility. You don't have to be a mathemetician to figure out that we need 24 participants just to break even! Lunch no longer included! It's unfortunately the only option I had with a big parking lot. I've found a couple of landlords willing to play ball for nominal fees, but the lots were s%@t in comparison. I did an unofficial poll and everyone was unanimous about the willingness to spend $40/event if they had a venue as good as this. So that was the mitigating factor for using this venue. But by all means, we are not locked in more than one event in advance, so if you know a place as good for free, or lesser amounts PLEASE let me know. But as it stands this is what we're dealing with. You have no idea how many hours I've been on the phone, emailing, web searching to find something that works. Keep in mind there are insurance and liability issues to deal with as well. Smooth pavement, and of course the willingness of landlords to put up with some skid marks in their parking lot. I'm exhausted and the season hasn't even started yet.

But and this goes out to everyone, I look at this as OUR event not my event our being all of us who participate, so my ears are always open to suggestions. Some will work, some won't, but at least lets keep the dialogue open to make this the best darned autocross and events possible! Also volunteers are always needed, and appreciated, so if you're coming to this event and your significant other, cousin, sibling, parent, adult child, friend, etc, are willing to come and help, please let me know!


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