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So the first event is about 7 weeks aways, and winter is starting to retreat, so I finally got a good chance to start going over the car for maintance and possible upgrades for this season.

I have a list of things to try and get done and since we all have to disclose our mods, I was wondering who's done what or will be doing before the first event.

Myself - new shocks for all 4 corners (just noticed one front and rear are blown)
- new pads and rotors front and rear, flush Motul RBF 600
- new rear control arms (thinking GC adjustable)
- installed one of my true CAI
- losing the A/C system, don't use it/doesn't work/dead weight
- oem front mounted electric fan is out there, puller installed to replace clutch fan
-Proper rims and rubbers, Kosei K1's with Falken 615's
- other various bushings and links changing to poly or spherical.

Now what have you got in the works for your autocrosser
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