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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
in georgetown there was a cab undercover cop car. The lighted sign on top said police in small letters underneath the Big lettered telephone number which was the # to the station haha.

BTW the entrapment law was bullshit anyways.
Everyone says "if you ask someone if they're a cop they have to tell you if they are or else it's entrapment herp derp."

When in fact the law states that an officer has every right to lie to you so they don't blow their cover.
Not to true.

A Toronto Police Officer:

o will provide his or her name and badge number upon request.
o who is not in uniform will present proper identification; you may ask to examine the badge and photo identification so that you are satisfied the person is a police officer.
o will tell you why you are being stopped.
o will only use the force allowed by law (for example, to stop an offence, effect the arrest of a suspect or maintain custody of a prisoner).
o will generally arrest a person for a crime committed in the officer's presence, or when the officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person has already committed or is about to commit a crime.

There are acts and regulations that are to be followed. Not to mention the Charter of Freedom and Rights also have to be respected when you are being ticketed and such. A normal cop can't lie, you need to have more training and such in order to walk around without identification and even then you need to carry your badge or license at all times.

I just took a course on this crap because I just did my provincial security guard license. There's so many acts and regulations that a citizen has more rights then the cops. Funny to think that huh.
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