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thank you for all the input, I bought the car. Well first I looked at all the receipts, and the work was done at the BMW dealership, water pump, thermostat, and belts were replaced, both front calipers and control arms replaced, rear shocks, and all the fluids (tranny, power steering, diff. and engine), also some sensors were replaced as well.
I took it the car to both my well known mechanics here in London, and they both said it looks like it's been taken care of, so considering the prices I check all the time on the internet I think I did good. I got a set of brand new winters on BMW rims, plus the summers are almost new michelins.

No heated seats though, no power seats, and no traction control, it has ASC though. So even if I have to put a grand or two, considering the body shape, and the overall interior of the car, I think I did ok!

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