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Originally Posted by B6T View Post
Every car I've bought that had mileage starting with 1xx,xxx has required significantly more repair then any car I've had with mileage starting with 2xx,xxx.

It comes down to the fact that things start wearing beyond their useful service life between 100,000km and 200,000km. I laugh at people who think a car with 125,000km is a better buy than a well maintained car with 200,000km.
...and a superbly well maintained car with 300,000km could be better than a well maintained car with 200,000km.

regardless you just proved a point...this $7000 car with 160K is in the zone where it will require more service. therefore the op should look for a cheaper well maintained car with 200K + or a <100K car. my vote is still for a <100K car.

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